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About us

Veneer communicates the ultimate in richness and status. Virtually everyone appreciates the deep luster and changing play of light that is inherent in real wood furniture. If you are shopping for "real wood" office furniture, you're probably looking at veneer in almost every situation.

Our veneer is laid over a particleboard substrate. Particleboard is a combination of small wood fiber chips, fused with durable resins. The ANSI Grade 1M# 45-pound board we use is the best available. Because of this durable substrate, veneer furniture resists warping and the possibility of moisture damage better than solid hardwood.

Shown below- The Pennsylvania Avenue Series

Wood is classified as either hardwood or softwood. Softwoods are primarily derived from evergreen trees such as pine, spruce, redwood and cedar. Hardwoods generally come from broadleaf trees that lose their leaves in winter. Examples are oak, ash, walnut, cherry and mahogany.

HON veneer casegoods are manufactured from cherry, oak and walnut veneers. Our mahogany veneer is actually walnut with a deep red stain. This has a more attractive grain and a smoother finish than real mahogany. These species are abundantly available in North America.

Veneer is generally a 1/32" thick slice, taken from a half or quarter log. Veneer is generally applied in two different patterns:Bookmatching places sheets of veneer face-to-face to form symmetrical patterns. Slipmatching places veneer segments side-by-side instead of face-to-face. This creates a more linear appearance.

Our multi-step finishing process brings out the natural beauty of the wood, and resists many solvents and chemicals.

New Announce™ Veneer Line from The HON Company Offers Strategic Functionality in an Upscale, Elegant Design

“Announce is much more than just a typical desk,” said Eric Jackson, vice president of wood casegoods at The HON Company.  “Its new rail system is an industry first – and is just one of the innovative features of Announce that will enable executives to increase productivity and efficiency – all in an attractive package.”